Oscars Wrap Up

Sam Halpern, Staff Writer

This year, the Oscars occurred on February 26th, and had many quality nominations for each category. While many different movies won awards and nominations, there were still several that separated themselves from the rest.

Hacksaw Ridge is one film that definitely deserves recognition, and received some in the Oscars. It details the extraordinary story of a man who saved 75 lives in Japan during World War 2, without firing a single gunshot. It was nominated for best sound editing, and best picture, and it won best sound mixing and best film editing.

La La Land is a film about an aspiring actress and a musician struggling to make ends meet in modern day Los Angeles. It was nominated for many awards, including best costume design, sound editing, sound mixing, film editing, original screenplay, and best picture. It also won several awards, including best production design, cinematography, and score. With these numerous awards, it is hard to argue that La La Land is not one of the top movies of the year.
Moonlight is a film that looks into the life of Chiron, a young black man growing up in Miami. It was nominated for best film editing, cinematography, and score, and it won best adapted screenplay and best picture. With these prestigious awards, Moonlight is a must see movie for those who have not already.