Lift up Lindsay: A Gymnastics Competition for Lindsay Yap

Lift up Lindsay: A Gymnastics Competition for Lindsay Yap

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On Saturday, Feb 11 at 8 am, Crossfit 223 is hosting Lift up Lindsay, a gymnastics competition to raise money for Lindsay Yap, a teen from Packanack. All are welcome to attend and participate. Money raised will go directly to assist in funding medical treatment for Lindsay Yap.

Lindsay is a 14 year old girl from New Jersey who suffers from the painful condition of Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS). a possible cure/procedure has been identified that might work for her. Through research, a physician has been found in Casper, Wyoming, Dr. Joseph McGinley, who specializes in the treatment of CECS. Dr. McGinley reports an 85% success rate with his patients, with an increase in the percentage of success after two to three treatments.  Since the procedures are not covered by insurance, Crossfit is hosting this event to help with the costs of travel and treatment!

The  gymnastics competition will cost $15 and all the money will go to help Lindsay.

The competition will consist of  3 WODS and 1 finale WOD for the top teams of each division.
Rx movements:
Pull ups
Chest to bar pull ups
Bar muscle ups
Toes to bar
Handstand walking
Handstand push ups
L sits
Box jumps

Sx movements:
Jumping pull ups
Push ups
Box jumps
Crab walk
Hollow holds

You can also donate more by visiting their GoFundMe page.

 All are welcome to attend and participate!