An Interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz- Renowned Surgeon and Talk Show Host

Dr. Mehmet Oz is one of the most renowned surgeons out there. After winning seven Emmy Awards for his popular daytime talk show and over twenty awards for his medical skills as a cardiothoracic surgeon, Dr. Oz is also an insanely talented and accomplished public figure.

Once the interview began, Dr. Oz recalls the moment he wanted to become a surgeon. “My dad was a surgeon, and I loved how he made patients smile even though they were in pain. It was insane! They would have needles all around them, and they would have a bright smile on their face. I wanted to make my patients do the same thing.” Oz also reminisced the moment he was asked what he wanted to be, “I was seven years old, and my father, another boy that had to be around ten, and I were at Paterson’s Ice Cream Shop. My dad asked the boy what he wanted to be, and the boy said ‘I don’t know.’ Once my dad asked me, he made sure to tell me that I could not say ‘I don’t know,’ but I was allowed to change my mind as time went on. That moment, right there, was when my first and final decision to become a surgeon came to be.”

Eventually, Dr. Oz became aware that he wanted to become a talk show host. “I realized,” he began to say, “when taking people to the operating room, that they could avoid the situation they are in right now if I talked to them beforehand. So, I got together with my wife, and we created the Dr. Oz Show.” However, this took a lot of work. Oz stated, “Because of my frequent visits on Oprah Winfrey’s talk show, my show was able to become such a popular program.”

In the middle of the interview, Dr. Oz went back in time and remembered the people who inspired, believed, and encouraged him to reach for the stars. Oz very fondly recollected his mentors on his journey. “I have to thank my football coach, Mr. Hyde, who taught me how to work as a team, Oz said, “My science teachers taught me all I know, so I have to consider them mentors. All of my teachers believed in me, so that propelled me to do great things.”

Oz’s childhood also affected him a great amount. “Your childhood gives you a firm foundation to take risks now as an adult,” Oz stated, “You can now cope with life because of the foundation your childhood provided.”

When asked what inspires him the most daily, Oz was quick to say, “The eyes of my patients and my viewers! They are the ones who are curious about the human body and have never realized how sacred it actually was!”

Oz also spilled his secrets on how he maintains a healthy lifestyle. “I stick to a routine schedule that’s known as automation,” he began to say, “I go to bed at the same time, I get the same hours of sleep, I wake up at the same time every morning, I do yoga, and I eat the same breakfast, most of the time.” He also advised teens on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well. “Automation is a great way to remain healthy, “ Oz stated,. “Teens should also find foods that they love that happen to be healthy. You should never eat healthy just to eat healthy. Don’t eat healthy foods you do not enjoy.”

FOr teens interested in the medical field, Dr. Oz explained, “There are so many ways to get into the field of medicine! There is nursing, physician assistants, physical therapy, radiology, surgeons, and so much more. I advise teens who are interested to try it out for a couple of months before deciding this is the career for you.” Dr. Oz also said that although it is a lot of work, it is very fulfilling.

Dr. Oz looked into his future aspirations. “I want to do a lot more to make healthcare more accessible for every American. I want to make the healthcare system more easy to access, because it is so difficult to get to. Every American should have great healthcare that is easy to access.”