What it Really Means to be a Girl Scout

Shannon DiCristina

Girl Scouts is helping others and motivating people to get out there and change the world. We empower each other and encourage following your dreams,” Kristen Cinquino answers when being asked: “What is Girl Scouts?”

Many people know of Girl Scouts, but don’t truly understand the meaning and importance. People often brush off Girl Scouts as a club for children, but they do not realize what all these young women do to better the community. At Wayne Valley, there are many hardworking of girl scouts, primarily in troop 70281. The main achievements of Girl Scouts are completing the Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award; Gold is the highest honor. The purpose of these awards are to help the world and to resolve an issue that’is important to the scout. For example, Wayne Valley’s Alyssa Okun and Kirsten Cinquino had a booth at Wayne Day to bring awareness about animal cruelty and neglect. Erica Radler organized a Color Run and donated the money to a school in Paterson, so they can get new and improved reading supplies.

Girl Scouts is all about making a differenceanywhere from small to huge. Traditionally, a Girl Scout will complete their Bronze and Silver award on a smaller issue, and their Gold award on a bigger issue.

For her Gold award, Alyssa Okun “plan[s] to educate parents about the internet and video games in order to make sure their kids are using their technology safely.” This is an important issue to help because, “After all, we live in a time where technology is a big part of our lives… I want to create a safer environment for the younger kids in Wayne. If parents were aware about all the things that go on in the cyber realm, they could protect their children from danger and prevent them from damaging their reputations later in life.” She plans on hosting a seminar, and getting her information out on video, along with having pamphlets for parents to read and educate themselves on the dangers of the world wide web. The information would include current and relevant information about the internet, as well as reviews of websites, games, chat rooms, and anything parents may not understand.  

Although earning badges is a part of Girl Scouts, many girls agree that the lessons and friendships you make through Girl Scouts makes the real difference in them. “Girl Scouts is a tight knit group of girls who learn to empower themselves as well as empowering others to participate in their community. Girl Scouts gives you strength and confidence, in addition to the wonderful girls you grow to love within your troop,” Alyssa Okun explains. Maria Pacelli beautifully explains Girl Scouts as an opportunity, whether to meet new friends, serve the community, or help the world and it’s inhabitants. Girl Scouts is all about opportunity.

To sum it up, Girl Scouts not only changes the world, but it individually changes the people who are part of it. To be a Girl Scout means to be your best self towards others, your best self towards the world, and be the best you can be for yourself.