Why do teens experience fear more often than adults?

GK Kellstorm, Staff Writer

Teens are more scared than adults because their bodies aren’t fully developed specifically their mind and their glands. Teens minds react to everything much faster than adults because teens’ minds have not experienced everything that an adult’s mind has. They need to experience something a few times so their mind and body get adjusted to it.

Whenever something happens to us, a small part of our mind tells us what to do in that split situation. According to Psychology Today, this part of our mind is called a lizard brain. This is because lizards and other animals are know to always be on their toes ready for a reaction since they are always hunting and being hunted. What this part of the brain does for us is tell certain glands to work over time. The types of glands that it tells to work over time are adrenal gland and pineal gland the adrenal gland will make you think and move faster. It also allow you to use 100% of your muscles since we actually only use 40-60% of our muscles “For your muscle to contract, it requires electrical signals from your brain. But in a human, scientists found that your brain simply cannot produce sufficient electrical signals to contract all the muscle at once,” by Neuroscience Ben Aw.

Also in humans, the lizard brain is our smallest part of the brain when in majority of other animals it is one of the biggest parts of their brain. This is because we have evolved so far to the point where we feel so dominate and that nothing can hurt us that we have changed the priority mindset of our brain.

Due to the fact that teens body’s are still developing is why teens get scared easier than adults. For since our mind isn’t completely developed it can sometimes tell our glands to work overtime even though it shouldn’t. For example if we hear a rustle in the leaves that we didn’t expect and in reaction it tells our pineal and adrenal glands into overtime which makes us hallucinate and get a burst of energy even though it was just the wind or a small rodent.