A Day In the Life of a Freshman

A Day In the Life of a Freshman

Abby Elkin

Clutching my over sized backpack stuffed with a myriad of unnecessary supplies, I take my first step into what will be my home and safe place for the next chapter of my life. High school- merely two words that will decide my fate for the future. Being barely a teenager, it’s an earth-shattering realization that this year’s grades and classes will aid in determining my destiny.

Each morning begins with rising before the crack of dawn accompanied by great difficulty. Then briskly, I grab whatever breakfast I can fit into my grip and scurry out the front door. I shuffle down the winding hallways attempting to not bump into intimidating upperclassmen while trying to find my next classroom. The next few periods pass with hardships, striving to not fall into deep slumber while listening to never-ending lectures.

With lunch, comes the feeling of absolute content as the freshman class prepares to indulge in the food sitting in front of them. The next forty minutes are accompanied by chatting with friends at the lunch table over unrelated topics and giggling over boys. We grab our books as the bell rings and continue about our strenuous day.

We are only freshmen, a minuscule portion of the high school population, the bottom of the food chain, lowest of the low. It’s a challenge to be treated as adults, but still be children. We are lost, trying to find our way in the world, one step down the Wayne Valley hallways at a time. It’s difficult trying to fit in, but being told to stand out, or being told to follow the rules, but being your own person. We are lost, trying to find ourselves in the forest of poimg_3743ssible personas, and lost trying to find friends and our classes. In all, we are freshmen and we will eventually find our way.