Wonderful Artwork from Our Students

Staff Writer
Art. It isn’t just a graduation requirement. It is an expression produced universally in accordance to aesthetic principles. Why else do we see stars when we rub our eyes? Sure, the logical answer would be the occurrence of phosphenes. However, it may be because each and every one of us are capable of arranging colors and patterns in a limitless array of forms all by ourselves. When artists take on artistic endeavors, they form an opinion on what it is meant to be. I, personally, try not to share this opinion, as it obstructs the viewer from generating his/her own distinctive interpretation or connection to the piece. Yet, from this point on, I encourage you to see art, in all its forms, through a certain luminosity that allows you to become a part of it and the imaginative process.
So, if you haven’t walked passed the art hallway recently, or have just failed to notice it, these are a few of the pieces created by Wayne Valley students in the AP Studio Art and Advanced Drawing and Painting classes. These summer assignments were free choice and include various mediums such as colored pencils, watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, and scratchboard. I included these to showcase the wide variety of subject matter that art students are capable of creating when given a choice. Currently, we are working on artwork based on glass distortion, foil reflections, breadth pieces, and concentration pieces. If you’d like to see more artwork, please visit our school’s Artsonia page, where hundreds of our finished pieces are displayed throughout the school year.

Featured Artists: Sarah V., Jess D., Chelsea P-F, Camila R., Mollie G., Kaitlyn L., Asya P., and Scott B.