Opinions: Hillary and Trump


2016 has been a crazy year in the world of politics. At the beginning of the year, 12 Republican candidates and 7 democratic candidates represented their desire to be president. It was clear around June of this year that two main candidates would prevail: Hillary Clinton, representing the Democratic presidential candidate, and Donald Trump, representing the Republican presidential candidate. Both Clinton and Trump,  involved in their own controversies, are remarkably different, and students at Wayne Valley have varying opinions when it comes to the upcoming elections on November 8th.

When interviewing one sophomore at Wayne Valley, she stated, “Hillary is the lesser of two evils this election year.” When asked about Hillary’s recent email scandal that has been repeatedly used against her, another student said, “It happened a very long time ago, in the political view of things, and should not be a concern in the present day.” Her email scandal, nonetheless, makes voters feel uncomfortable about entrusting her with the future of our nation. Nevertheless, this student approved of Clinton more than Trump for American presidency, because “she is tolerant, has a controlled temper, and a better gun control policy.” Hillary’s argument for having stricter gun laws states that in order to make this country a safer place, arms should be taken out of the hands of people who should not have them.  Additionally, this student appreciated Hillary’s more liberal views on foreign policies and experience in the field of politics. One thing that this student notably disliked about Donald Trump was his disrespect for other people, especially women. Unlike Trump, they stated that Hillary “supports diversity and dignity”.

A junior who was interviewed about the same topic stated that neither of the candidates for president for this year are ideal, however Trump displayed the effective qualities in restoring America. This student stated that Trump himself was the source of employment for hundreds and thousands of families. Additionally, he stated that his experience in business may help him in the Oval Office. On the topic of gun control, Trump will support the second amendment (the right to bear arms) which is also a view that contrasts the two nominees. Another strict difference between Clinton and Trump are their policies on border control. Trump has set ideas of strict border control laws, which, as one Valley student interviewed said, would “give us a better understanding of those who enter and exit the country.” However this person also stated a negative aspect of Trump: his unfiltered speech. The student felt that this would not be appealing to the American public if he does become president.

Nonetheless, it is important to recognize the power that a vote has and how it is a privilege not available to everyone in the world. Regardless of the controversies presented by the candidates this year, it is important for everyone able, to cast their vote!