How Did We Wind Up Here?

It would be too easy to say that there is a countrywide discontent with the political process, and that this unsettling dissatisfaction is now manifesting itself in this unexpected but all too real general election, I think there just has to be more to it.

What I think worries me more than anything is how much of a show the country treats the race; either of these two candidates will be elected, and I don’t think that has hit home for people quite yet. Moreover, I fear that by the time it does, we’ll be shackled in for another four years under just such exquisite and exemplary leadership. And this mindset has successfully bred and mirrored onto the debate stage. That isn’t to say I don’t see the value in having more Americans interested in the presidential running, even if for questionable motives, but still engaged nonetheless. But when an entire presidential debate is consisted of cringey, pre-meditated punchline jabs and haymakers instead of the issues that are plaguing our country and the remedies to combat them we have an even more troubling prospect.

The presence of these two figures never leaves me any less in awe of how we got here. In one corner we have a woman with flagrant disregard for the law, and opposite a man who it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to call a misogynist or at least deam an egotistical terror. Keep in mind one of these characters will pass laws, resting at the desk of those before them who have tackled debilitating wars, cured our country of slavery, and whom have sought to expand, instead of shrivel in ostensible safety.

Watching the second debate of these two beasts hack away at each other’s remaining dignity, (in costing them whatever presidential demeanor they once tried conjuring up) I did what most do after these and that is attempt to discern a victor. It was difficult to say the least because the honest truth is there was no winner, only an abysmal loser, us, the people.