College App Advice

As senior year rolls in, students simply can’t escape the constant questioning: What schools are you looking at? Are you applying for scholarships? What do you plan on majoring in? Where do you want to work one day? On top of the stress we seniors put on ourselves, it comes in through a constant stream from the outside as well. We can’t escape!

Applying to college might seem like the most daunting task of all: the culmination of all of your high school efforts–the decision of your future. However, there are ways to combat the stress, anxiety, and doubt you might feel. To the juniors who will take part in the next cycle of admissions, here’s some advice:

Start looking early: Begin your college search early and have a solidified list before you start applying! Things are subject to change: your values, your major, even where you’d like to apply. It’s always good to have at least an idea of what you want. Research is best for this!

Visit: I really can’t stress this enough! Knowing a school’s academic program and location may not be enough for you to decide whether you’d like to commit yourself to spending the next four-or-so years there. Get visits out of the way before college app season creeps up on you!

Decide your path: If you have a school you absolutely love, consider applying through an Early Decision or Early Action program. For some schools, choosing this path might give you an advantage in the admissions process. With binding Early Decision programs, you are committing yourself to attending, so be sure that the school you choose is your absolute top choice.

Get your applications in: It’s never a problem to be done early! Finishing your application process ahead of the time curve will help alleviate your worries. Stay on top of your progress, consider creating a schedule, and keep track of important deadlines.

Don’t stress too much: College is not your entire life; it might be a deciding factor in your path, but it’s not the only one. Stressing out through this process is natural, but don’t let it affect your performance. Remove yourself, take a breath, and get back in the applicant game!
And then comes the time to wait for results. As the clock ticks for current seniors, the time until the next class begins the application process begins to dwindle. Preparing yourself is key. Best of luck to everyone applying to colleges–to everyone who will go out into the collegiate sphere and represent Wayne Valley!