Classroom Spotlight: Sports Medicine

Excitement is stirring in the Wayne Valley biology department. A new half year Sports Medicine class has been implemented into the Wayne Valley program of studies. Teacher Mr. Rose is busy preparing lessons for his one class period this semester. The later semester had enough students to fill up two periods.

Current senior, Megan Faber, thinks the class will give her an “opportunity to advance her knowledge in the body” before she enters college for Physical Therapy.  Most students enrolled in the class consist of “prospective physical therapists, athletic trainers, and other careers centered around physiology,” Rose included.

In preparation for the class, Mr. Rose, on a random trip to the local sports authority going out of buisness, noticed a manikin for sale. Originally priced for $300, Rose was able to purchase the realistic human body named “Manny” for only $75. “He will make it easier for students to physically visualize the movements of the human body,” Rose says about his purchase.

“This just goes to show how dedicated Mr. Rose is to his students,” Ms. Ahlert, another teacher in the biology department, included.

When asked whether Anatomy and Physiology, another popular class taught by Rose, should be a prerequisite for Sports Medicine, he was unsure of his stance. “Prior knowledge of the body and how it works, which is taught in my Anatomy class, would be helpful to fully understand the material, but it is not necessary,” he states.

Sports medicine in Wayne Valley has been created as only a half year course. Rose has researched and found that “some schools have extended their program to include multiple years.” Due to the immediate positive response from the students in Wayne Valley, Mr. Rose sees a great future for the class, including “potentially extending it to a full year or multiple year course.”