Everyone has a Place in Wayne Valley

Wayne Valley High School has as much going on after class as during class, with options for every type of person out there—whether you are into chess, frisbee, or community service. Sports of all types are also available, including soccer, track and field, and baseball. Some clubs are very well known, such as Future Business Leaders of America and the National Honors Society. One club in particular that strives to do great and progressive acts is the Gay Straight Alliance. Although it is not very well known, the Gay Straight Alliance serves as a great option for people that like to get involved in new topics and ideas about the current world and society. The GSA holds meetings every Tuesday in room 137 from 2:30 to 3:00 p.m. The GSA is open to all people that would like to join.

Clubs such as the We Act Club and Peer Leaders are great options for people that would like to get involved in community service. If creating a change for something greater than yourself is something that interests you, Wayne Valley can provide a segue for you to get involved in the community. Wayne Valley High School contains clubs that are not only fun, but also educational in aspects not always taught in classes, such as skills in communications and entrepreneurship—skills gained in clubs such as Future Business Leaders of America. Skills involving building and learning to use power tools can be obtained by joining stage crew for the current fall play, Dead Man Walking. Within stage crew, people learn to use a multitude of tools, as well as get a sense for working with your hands.

Everyone has a place in and out of class within the walls of Wayne Valley High School, sports and clubs provide close new friends of which you will have great times with. Look around and see what activities suit you best.