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Flowery Fashion of Spring 2024


Ah, we’ve reached that time of the year–the days are growing longer, our time shrouded in darkness is getting shorter: it’s finally springtime! We’ve been taunted by the warm, summer-seeming days, yet spring still has yet to flourish; we’re giving this season a chance.  

In this edition, your favorite fashion bloggers here have compiled our own list of what we believe will spring (hah, get it) us into the 2024 season of flowers, rainbows, and painful allergies.


The rapid arisal of the “coquette” aesthetic in the later months of 2023 has played a significant role in the determination of this spring’s fashion trends. While the colder, more muted colors of the winter season are beginning to disappear, in comes the intensity: our pinks will become electric cherry reds, almost visible from miles away.


This trend is a no-brainer if you’ve seen anything related to this year’s New York Fashion Week. SO many models were spotted rocking some form of olive green outfit; it’s inevitable that one of the biggest fashion events of our year has set the tone for our upcoming season. The perfect combination of something stylish and bold, yet subtle enough to appear “professional,” olive green is a must for your warm weather wardrobe.


Now, this one may be a LITTLE bit controversial. We often associate cowboy boots with the wild west, with ranchers completely disconnected from the “regular” way of life in most of the country. Hear us out though: Beyoncé and Lana Del Rey have SHAKEN the music industry with their subsequent announcements of their upcoming country albums. Indefinitely, some of country music’s stigma has been reduced, and we believe that, in the next few months, people will embrace this “country” vibe in their everyday outfits.


Lastly, we wanted to finish out with something we feel to be a fairly unique take: peplum tops. When most people think “peplum,” they often think of the early 2010s clubbing outfits which never seemed to match properly. This year, however, peplum seems to be coming back with a bit of a daintier feel. Lined with lace, this season’s peplum tops will echo the graceful nature of the spring season. And…that’s a wrap! 


Thank you for tuning into this spring’s fashion HITS among young generations alike. Until next time!

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About the Contributor
Matt Bielen is a senior at Wayne Valley High School, and the Senior Layout Editor. He enjoys playing the guitar, gardening, listening to music, and crocheting. He loves coffee, and his favorite color is red. After graduation, he hopes to major in biology and to eventually attend veterinarian school.

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