Cell Phone Usage in Schools Rises


Phone usage in school is increasing according to many teachers and students. Many rules have been put in place to control the influx of students on their phones and headphones. Tons of people have mixed opinions on the subject. Many students are saying it’s being overdramatized by teachers, but teachers are saying it’s being too ignored.  At school, there is a very split opinion. 

Because of the pandemic, lots of kids were virtually learning which has had some pros and cons on the way it might have affected students. Some pros include the ability to stay connected to school and still be able to learn while being adaptive to new situations. Also, many people have said they got to reconnect with people they haven’t spoken to in years like grandparents. Another pro is seeing people online going through the same situation. Plenty of students have said that knowing others were going through the same situations and the same rough times helps them to continue working knowing they are not alone. 

However, along with all the pros, there are also some cons that started to present themselves. One is the reliance on technology. Teachers all over are talking about their students not being able to get off their phones or take out their headphones. Many teachers point the blame on online learning and this is due to students being so used to just turning off their cameras and picking up their phone, muting themselves and playing music, or just leaving the room.

 This argument has also sparked up some arguments with students. The need to be safe during Covid, when the schools allowed students to work from home, caused isolation and a reliance on the internet but when going to school you don’t get the option.  During the time of online learning. Teens and kids are saying that the reliance on technology is only natural when your put in the situation they were put in.

What do you think? Are teachers being overdramatic and are just not used to handling kids in today’s times. Or are students being disrespectful and are just using excuses when it comes to phones in school.