The Best Job: Hallmark Dream Job

Neha Chandra, Specialty Editor

Ever wonder what the best job in the world must be. Well here is an idea, CenturyLink a global technology company from Monroe, Louisiana is willing to pay one lucky person to watch 24 Hallmark Christmas Movies in the 12 Days before Christmas. CenturyLink will hire a one-time employee who is expected to document their feelings while watching the movies on social media. The one-time employee can watch the marathon of festive movies from wherever they choose. On CenturyLink’s website, they list 3 qualifications for the perfect candidate. Rule #1 states that the candidate must love Christmas. Rule #2 states that the candidate must be 18 years or older and must be a United States Resident. Rule #3 states that the candidate must know how to use social media and be comfortable with sharing their Hallmark marathon reactions with their followers. 

If one wins, CenturyLink will provide you with a complete binge-watching package. This package includes a streaming service subscription, a packet of hot cocoa, a box of Christmas cookies, a string of fairy lights, a mini Christmas tree, and a ton of hallmark swag. In return, CenturyLink requires a post on either Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook every time you turn on a movie, include the hashtag #CountdowntoChristmas and #HallmarkDreamJob in each post, and complete the “job” by Christmas day, December 25th, 2019. The company was accepting applications until December 6, 2019, and the lucky winner will earn $1,000 upon completing the job.