Phones In Class?

Phones In Class?

Should phones be allowed in class? It’s a question that both teachers and students grapple with.There are two sides to this debate. Many teachers, who deal with it every day, believe phones should be taken away. However, many students question if it’s really safe to separate them from their phones.

Phones have been a technological advancement for quite some time. While they do have some drawbacks, most students prefer to have their phones with them as they believe it is the most useful tool.

Not only can phones be used for emergencies, but they can also come in handy in situations of slow Wi-Fi connection. Most organized students use their phones to take notes , check schedules, and set reminders.

On the other hand, teachers strongly disagree with having phones in class. Many have implemented phone pockets in their classrooms where students have to store their phones during class hours and retrieve them after. However, this takes away a valuable tool that students can use for educational purposes and in case of emergencies. Students also feel stressed and unsafe when their phones are taken away, as they are valuable and important items.

Overall, the debate continues regarding whether or not phones should be allowed in class. It’s a delicate balance between the benefits they offer and the potential distractions they cause.


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