Alix Earles Influence and Rise

Alix Earle’s Influence and Rise

Examining Her Influence on Teenagers

Getting ready for any occasion may not seem like anything too entertaining. However, TikTok sensation, Alix Earle has her fans hooked on her so called “get ready with me” content. Alix Earle, 22, blew up on TikTok last winter and has had quite the influence on her followers ever since. Born and raised in Monmouth County, New Jersey then moving and graduating at UMiami, Alix has made a household name for herself. But what makes Alix the new It Girl? Why does she have such a huge affect on her followers?

The students of Wayne Valley, mostly girls, watch her content and follow Alix’s hectic life. Many enjoy her content and take Earles advice for pretty much anything especially when it comes to fashion and beauty.

When asked why Alix rose to fame so quickly senior, Alexa Ferrigno expressed, “Alix is very trendy online. She is always following new trends fast or making her own.” The majority of Alix’s content features her at her vanity getting ready for whatever event she has going on that day. Fans get a peak into her never ending wardrobe and become inspired to be as dolled up as her. Alix known for never being in one place for too long. She is constantly on the move. Seeing her travel influences those to achieve a similar party-like social life

A term Alix Earle fans are familiar with is, The Alix Earle Effect. Senior Ava Sauter describes it saying, “She makes people want to buy things and influences people to do the things she does.” Sauter goes on to t sayhat that Alix has influenced her beauty purchases. “She definitely made me buy her Tarte Shape Tape Concealer and her blush.”

Something that makes Alix stand out among other online influencers is how real and down to earth she is. Alix does not hold back when it comes to posting reality. Of course Alix’s life looks glamorous for the most part she will often expose herself posting videos of her disastrous room after a night out, finishing an assignment late because of procrastination, even cockroach’s she found living in her room! Senior, Paula Augurusa could not agree more. “I love that she is very relatable and opens up on just about everything.”

Paula, along with many others girl are fans of Alix’s new podcast called, Hot Mess, which she came out with late September of this year. On her podcast Alix reminisces college life, events, traveling, and giving her fans even more of an inside on her life. However, Alix also uses her podcast to open up about some personal struggles like being cheated on, family issues, and her past toxic relationship with food back in high school. “I do feel like it is important she speaks on these things. If other people are dealing with the same issues it makes them feel less alone,” Paula explained. Paula is not the only one who feels this way. Alix’s fans have applauded her courage to speak out.

On her podcast discussing her past eating disorder Alix told her listeners, “I really hope that this can help at least one person who’s struggling with this or who has struggled with this, and just know that it can get better.”

Alix’s ability to not only have a confident personality and relatable lifestyle has made her one of the top influencers right now and she is definitely not done yet. With many teenage girls around the world who adore her this is definitely just the beginning for the young star.


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