A Rise In Concert Ticket Prices

A Rise In Concert Ticket Prices

Concerts have been a common source of entertainment across the world for many centuries. For a very long time, people who enjoy an artist would purchase tickets to see said artist perform live; then, that memory would be engraved in their mind until the day they die, because it was ‘unforgettable.’ However, over time these concerts have become more and more different as time goes on. For one, ticket prices are through the roof now. 

The most common example of this conspicuous change in the industry is Taylor Swift whose most expensive ticket for a show in MetLife Stadium was over $9,000. This news took the world by storm, but it did not stop 2 million people from purchasing tickets on the very first day of the sale.

Finn Behrens, a senior at Wayne Valley, claims that “[he] tried to purchase tickets for Olivia Rodrigo and… it’s ridiculous. People are selling them for too high.” 

However, Behrens is not the only one to notice artists such as Swift and Rodrigo charging an arm and a vital organ for their concerts. Mrs. Nazarko, a teacher at Valley, noticed the same. When asked if she was aware of the prices and what her opinion is, Nazarko says “Yes! I tried to get my daughter Olivia Rodrigo tickets and they were ridiculous. It’s Olivia Rodrigo; she’s not that big!”

Meliha Bektesevic, a senior, says “the prices are way too high—not everyone can afford it either.” This begs the question: Who is buying these tickets? More than likely, a parent would be buying these tickets for their child(ren) instead of for their own entertainment, but is it really entertainment? 

Sophomore Alex Rojas shares her opinion that “artists’ stage presence is not even the same.” The topic of performers now lacking stage presence compared to late 90s or early 2000s artists has been brought up many times with multiple different arguments. 

Noelle Racuya’s, a senior at Valley, brings up the opposing argument in a later interview, saying, “the prices are expensive, but reasonable since concerts are more extra and have better quality than older ones.”

In the end, Wayne Valley students were asked: Who is one person they would purchase expensive tickets for, and what do they expect to see? Answers varied, but Racuya said, “I would see Sarah Vaughan if she were still alive, and I would want a very simplified but classy spotlight on her.” 

Bektesevic said, “I would want to see Daniel Ceasar because I was supposed to see him before, but I didn’t go. I know he’d be a great performer… like he’d be out there!”

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