Coming Soon: SDA 2024!

Coming Soon: SDA 2024!

With the new school year in swing, a new question arises. What will this year’s SDA theme be, and who will be the captains/overalls? While SDA participants are awaiting the theme reveal for the 2024 show, they will have to wait until the day of captains’ tryouts. Once each team’s captains have been selected, the theme will be announced on the SDA Instagram @waynevalleysda.

What is unknown for this year’s show is who will lead each team. This year’s tryouts has the most competition the program has seen in a long time. The stakes for overall are even higher than in previous years, with multiple girls trying out for blue and white overall. The brawl for overall has not been seen in over five years. There will also be competition for the Captain positions on each team.

Overall tryouts are on October 26th and are open to any participant of SDA (of one or more years) to come and watch. Captain tryouts are to be determined. We wish the absolute best of luck to everyone participating in this year’s Overall/Captain tryout, and we cannot wait to see what this season has in store!

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