Wayne Valley’s 71st Annual SDA Show

May 31, 2023

This year, Wayne Valley hosted its 71st annual SDA show. With the theme of this show being Animation Studios, the captains and overalls of Blue and White were given classic animated movies to bring to life. The White Team’s movies varied from Frozen, Moana, Inside Out, and The Incredibles, while Blue’s were Brave, Monsters, Inc., Finding Nemo, and Tangled. After three nights of incredible performances, the Blue Team ultimately came out on top for the fifth year in a row. With Blue Aerobics placing third, Blue Jazz placing second, and Blue Pom placing first, the girls of Blue had a victorious, clean sweep. This victory did not come easy, though. With months of learning, cleaning, drilling, and preparing, the girls dedicated their lives to each of their routines and performances to get the desired end result. Not only does the show take months of preparation inside of practices, it takes bringing together a group of girls who may not have known each other beforehand and turning them into one family, one heart, and one machine. Leading up to the show, both teams engaged in SDA Monday to get hyped and show their spirit. The two hallways in front of the big gym were split with white and blue posters. That Monday morning, the girls stormed the school to cheer, take pictures, and try to out-spirit the other team. Not only were the hallways covered with blue or white, but the girls also dressed head to toe in their designated colors.

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