Creative Corner: Poetry

January 11, 2023

Creative Corner Poetry Edition


Walking from nowhere,
Walking towards somewhere,
I want to wander,
Just to be alone.


Then, corners of sight,
Somewhere to my right,
A girl that I see,
Not to my delight.


I have little care
For those from somewhere.
Same clothes, still not like me,
That girl’s from nowhere–


And then she looks at me.


Same color of hair,
Also had no care.
Same color of eyes,
Even the same glare.


Eyes widen from us,
As we gaze distrust-
Fully at us too.
We’ve looked in mirrors.


She knows what I see.
It’s the same body,
There is no mirror.
I look right at me.


Emphasis, our school’s literary and art review club, meets every Thursday in room 152.

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