The work that goes in before the SDA season even begins

January 11, 2023

There are various clubs that Wayne Valley High School offers to the many students looking for something to do in their spare time. There is a ski club, newspaper club, different science clubs, sports, and so many more options. One of the more popular ones is definitely SDA. Participants in SDA really enjoy it because of the consistent positive energy, the work to help put together amazing dances, and overall an amazing show to give to everyone else. 

Although this is the case, there is so much work put in even before the season in order to make everything come together in the end. The President of SDA, Pari Patel, organizes everything that goes into the show and practices. Although the season doesn’t start until February, Pari says, “Technically, I have been planning since the summer because I had to decide on a theme for the show!” 

There are already many different things Pari is putting together for this season. “Some of the things that I am already doing, or already have done, to get ready for the SDA season is coming up with the theme, handling merch items, and meeting with the board about responsibilities for the year!” Pari says that she also has a little help. “The captains, overalls, advisors, and the board also help out a lot with certain things. We can’t forget about our Vice President Grace Ralicki either! It truly is a team effort!”

After a lot of thought, it must take a while to get everything together. Pari claims, “It depends on what I have to do! Coming up with the logo and theme definitely took longer than other things such as posting on social media.” Usually, there would be a lot of challenges that come along with all of this work, or some possible challenges in the near future. Pari elaborates, “I don’t really think there will be anything too challenging since we all work together to come up with a solution if there is ever a problem.” 

Pari is pretty confident, but there are always some little things that are a little frustrating, even if it is for personal reasons. “I do fear that it will become challenging to manage school work on top of SDA and my other activities,” explains Pari. This is completely understandable, and may even be relatable for other participants in SDA.

All of this seems like a lot of work for a singular season, and it would be quite stressful! Pari comments, “It isn’t really stressful since I usually have time to plan out everything!” Having time is a very important asset, along with being organized. It can help bring things together easier!

The goal of all of this work being put together is to end up having an amazing season for both teams, and to put on an entertaining show for the big audience. Pari exclaims, “All of the work being put in is worth it! It’s great to see it put all together when the show comes around!”

Everyone works for a reason, and people usually work for something they love. Pari has some really positive feelings towards SDA, which is why she went for the role of the President of SDA. Pari states, “I love seeing all the bonding between all of the girls and how everyone works together to put together such a great show!” SDA is very loved by the people participating in it and even some people that don’t participate love it too! It is most definitely something to look forward to as an amazing season is approaching very soon!

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