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January 6, 2023

Journalism is a full-year course worth five credits that is available for all grade levels. Students are taught about different types of news and how the media works, and they apply that knowledge to their own articles. These articles can also be featured in Smoke Signals! When writing, students gain valuable communication skills as they often need to interview peers and staff members. Additionally, the class debates journalistic ethics to determine whether or not an article should be written based on the circumstances surrounding it. 

Journalism also makes sure that students are actively engaged in current events around the world. Students learn about times when journalism has changed the world and sometimes watch movies based on real events that were extremely influential! The class is also writing-based, meaning it greatly improves your quality of writing. This class can be challenging at times but is extremely rewarding when you see your finished article! By taking Journalism, you are preparing for any career related to public relations, social media, and communications!

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