Take This Class: Legal Studies

January 4, 2023

Take This Class: Legal Studies

Legal Studies is a half year elective course, (meaning it is worth 2.5 credits) that is available for 10-12 graders. This single semester class is great for students who are interested in law as a profession or just for fun! Also, if history is one of your favorite subjects, you will find this class very interesting! 

The course focuses on the United State’s legal system—including different crimes, defenses in court, human rights, the purpose and creation of law, and the criminal justice system in general. The topics that are gone over in class are then related to crimes that have occurred in the United States and around other parts of the world. Additionally, students will learn about civil law and what citizens’ responsibilities are when a crime is committed. 

Overall, this class is a simple and interesting way to become more educated in regards to how the legal system in America works. Also, this is a great class for anyone who loves to watch crime shows or listen to crime podcasts!

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