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January 4, 2023

Are you interested in reading and writing, or just enjoy English class? If so, consider taking AP Language and Composition! Taught by Dr. White—a charismatic, and intriguing teacher—APLAC breaks through the surface of basic reading and writing, providing students with motivation to indulge in literature! The class allows students to fix complex punctuation mistakes, employ effective diction, and expand their rhetorical toolbox. Personally, APLAC not only forged me into a better writer, but also allowed me to appreciate literature exponentially. After only a couple of months taking this class, I have a newfound appreciation for effective writing. In addition, if you struggle with the grammar section of the SAT, then I can guarantee that APLAC will improve your score a great deal!

Although the curriculum may not be easy, the class will improve not only your writing skills, but also your work ethic. Homework—which is uncommon—usually consists of writing rhetorical analysis essays and prose pieces, taking notes on reading, and writing exercises. Through my eyes, the homework for APLAC is rather therapeutic and relaxing! The class is delightful to walk into on a hectic Monday morning, easing my consciousness, allowing me to take a step back from complex math equations, and enjoy the purity of language arts.

“What I love about the course is how it builds a student writer’s confidence,” White remarks, “More to it, students discover the way professional writers think, and compose, can actually be learned, and executed, in their own work.” In addition, he says, “They soon realize that elegant, compelling writing is less a mysterious skill and more a series of choices or moves to be employed for powerful effects.”

If you have an extra spot in your list of classes for next year, consider joining the group of battle-hardened writers who have greatly benefited from this course!

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