Take This Class: Anatomy and Physiology Honors

January 4, 2023


If you’re interested in human sciences, Anatomy and Physiology is a great elective class to consider. Taught by Mr. Rose, this course is on the Honors level and is a part of the Dual Enrollment program. This program goes through Seton Hall University and offers college credits for simply taking this class. If this is a course that you would want to take in college, you can save around $1000 by opting into Dual Enrollment and taking the course now.

As the name suggests, the class will cover both the anatomical structures of the body and the physiological relationships these structures have with one another. The course covers most of the body systems, even down to the cellular level. You will get to explore the content you learn in real time through hands-on dissections and examining various different organisms. The class is known for being a fairly challenging yet rewarding course. If you are interested in this kind of science and are willing to put the work into this course, you will definitely enjoy your year in Anatomy and Physiology H!

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