SDA Overall Interviews: Terin and Liz

January 4, 2023

It’s almost SDA season! In one of the most anticipated events of the school year, students are divided onto either the Blue or White team and after months of practice, face off in a dance competition in the spring. The 2023 theme is Animation Studios. Each dance group has been assigned an animated Disney movie. This year, the blue overall captain is Liz Vivino, who was a blue jazz captain last year. The white overall is Terin Kuttamperoor, who was a white tap captain last year. Both Terin and Liz are on Wayne Valley’s dance team and are exceptionally talented dancers.


  • Tell us a little bit about your dance journey (when did you start dancing, what styles of dance, etc.)

Liz: I started dancing at my studio at 5 years old and started competing when I was 8 years old. I danced competitively with all styles of dance: jazz, tap, lyrical, contemporary. Through the years, I grew as a dancer and eventually made it on Wayne Valley’s dance team. I’ve been a member since freshman year which allowed me to adapt to different styles that can potentially be used on college dance teams. I still dance at my studio weekly and make time for competitions during the spring. My teacher trained me to turn at a young age to develop the basic skills I needed when I grew up. Today, I help younger girls with their turning skills because I saw the process it took to be able to control the way a body moves. It takes many years to master a skill but I am confident in my turns today and forever thankful for my teachers who put effort into me. 

Terin: I started dancing when I was 2 years old at Stagelite Academy. I did almost every style of dance: tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, musical theater, and acro. I also took technique, leap and turn classes, as well as pilates. My favorite styles are jazz and lyrical. When I was 4 years old I started competing. I started a duo when I was 5 years old and a solo when I was 6. The most I ever competed was 9 group dances, a duo, and 2 solos. I danced at a studio until 8th grade and then stopped when I entered high school because I wanted to focus on the dance team and SDA. 

  • Who or what inspired you to become overall captain?

Liz: I was inspired to be overall by my freshman year overall, Olivia. I was on the dance team with her, and she introduced me to the SDA. She was an amazing role model, not only in a dance perspective, but also as a leader. Olivia was someone I could rely on whenever I had questions. Today, I still text her for opinions on music or formations because I know I can trust her. She showed me how to take charge while continuing to have fun. I’m so grateful to have had her as an overall. 

Terin: I was inspired to be overall because of my love of dance and performing. More importantly, I love to be able to spread that passion to others by teaching dance. The past overalls have also inspired me to become overall because of their amazing experiences of being a leader of a wonderful team.

  • What’s your favorite memory from your time in SDA?

Liz: My favorite memory was the Thursday night show of SDA in 2022. My dance, blue jazz, was the last blue dance to perform. During the routine, I’d never felt more energy and dedication from the people around me through dancing. I am so proud of all of the blue jazz participants for their hard work last season and cannot wait for this year. They amazed me throughout the season as I was never unhappy leaving practice. They proved to me that adapting to unusual and difficult choreography can be done with just practice. That night after watching the video, I was truly blown away by the talent the girls expressed and would not have wished the dance was different in any way. They left everything on the floor by having no regrets, and I’m so happy I could experience that moment with them. 

Terin: My favorite memory was hearing my dance, white tap, get announced as third place last year and running up with my co-captain to receive a trophy. I was white tap captain last year and I felt so accomplished to have had a dance place in the top 3. I was so proud of all the girls for working so hard all season, especially the girls who had never tapped before. The girls’ determination deserved to be recognized because learning tap for the first time isn’t always easy. I felt so happy for them to have earned this award as well as the “most dedicated” dance award. 

  • What are you most looking forward to this SDA season?

Liz: I’m looking forward to finally having a normal SDA season as these past years were affected by COVID. I want to give my peers and underclassmen an experience that is different from previous years, yet unforgettable. My captains and I can see the excitement and energy already projected from members for this season. We were all so close last year, and I want to keep the bond alive. This year will be back to a normal SDA season and I’m sure everyone is as ready as I am. I am excited for dances full of 50 girls and cannot wait to see their dedication to the 2023 Blue Team.

Terin: This season I am most looking forward to the show. I can’t wait to perform in front of my friends and family and show everyone how hard we’ve worked to create the amazing dances. Performing is my favorite thing about dance and I adore the exhilarating feeling I get when I’m on stage. I also can’t wait for all the fun memories and friendships I will make with the white team.

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