The Fated Return of Jazzman’s Cafe and Bakery

November 11, 2022


Jazzman’s Cafe has always been popular, serving baked goods and drinks since 2006. Now that it’s open again, students are excited about using the cafe. Quite a good portion of them choose the one by the main gym, but many do not know about Jazzman’s second location: cafeteria 111.

Mr. Michael Schmitt, the overseer of Jazzman’s, reported on this issue: “Sometimes we would have a line of 30 kids stretching out to the bathrooms.” Lines like this dramatically increase wait times and lower efficiency. Thankfully, Jazzman’s new electronic ordering system will alleviate the line. “With the pickup system, students can move faster,” Schmitt proposed. “We only have 50 minutes with you guys, so we want to make the most of it.” Schmitt further explains that the electronic ordering system will be introduced this December 2022 for the students and faculty to preorder their lunch period preferences. Sodexo will communicate the specifics of the electronic ordering system including the set up, use of, pick up location and payment details of the program. “We are optimistic on how our customers will use this option to improve the high school lunchtime experiences,” says Schmitt.

A similar issue is that many students do not know how to pay Jazzman’s. After three years of covid, only the seniors remember the cafe, and even fewer can recall their pin code. If you or someone you know has forgotten how to access their food service account, Sodexo can help. According to Mr. Schmitt, “The student foodservice account ID numbers are automatically created from their OnCourse school ID number when enrolled in the district. If anyone forgets or is not sure of their foodservice ID number, they call the foodservice office, email me at [email protected] or go to any register- the cashier will search the system by their name. The foodservice account PIN used at the register are the last six digits of the student foodservice account number.”

Despite some logistical issues, Schmitt feels determined to uphold his bakery’s high quality: “Most high school kids know, but we try to keep our food allergy free.” Every product is handmade. Staff also produce seasonal drinks, outside goods, and varying menus; you can purchase so many things your heart desires.
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