The News at a Glance

June 9, 2023

The News at a Glance: Your Wayne Valley Journalism Class wants to keep you informed so here is a brief wrap up of current events to keep you in the know!

National News

Canadian Wildfires – By Massimo Vivino and Francesca DiGiovanni: The wildfires in Canada are not only affecting their country, but also the United States as the wind patterns are carrying the smoke. Specifically, the east coast. Regardless of the large amount of air pollution in many countries, the current air in New York is historically awful. A chart from the Department of Environmental Conservation has shown that the air reached a peak level of 868, which is ridiculously high. The air quality has gotten so bad that some schools have opted for remote learning while others have closed entirely. Hues of orange and yellow have taken over the skies due to the hazardous conditions. Hopefully, the conditions will get better soon.

Former President Indicted in Classified Documents Inquiry – By K Molnoski: The former president, Donald Trump, faces 7 accounts against him including conspiracy to obstruct and willful retention of documents and false statements. He said he would surrender to authorities on Tuesday, June 13.

I-95 Collapse in Philly – A segment of northbound I-95 collapsed in Northeast Philadelphia after a tanker truck carrying flammable cargo caught fire beneath an overpass at the Cottman Avenue exit.

Presidential Race 2024 –  Former Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, Former Vice President Mike Pence, and Gov. Doug Burgum of North Dakota the 2024 presidential race this week. Pence and Christie are well-known figures in the party. Burgum made a fortune in computer software and is in a position to self-fund his campaign.

Dead Whales and Dead Fish – By Kyle Battershill: Two whales were found dead in the water near Shinnecock Bay and Raritan Bay. Police, the NOAA, and the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society work to bring them ashore. There is a rumor that the whales died because of overseas wind turbines, but nothing has been proved.

Dead fish are washing up along beaches on the Texas Gulf Coast, officials say. Colder water usually holds more oxygen, so the warmer sea waters along Quintana Beach may have killed the fish. Park officials advise that no one enter the water.

World News

By Halime Alshraideh – Recently, Ukraine launched the initial phase of a counteroffensive  to reclaim Russian-occupied territory in the southeast of the country. Their forces have a few small successes, breaking through a first line of Russian defenses and reclaiming several small villages.

Tech News

By Mia Medina and Halime Alshraideh – Recently, AI has been trending around the world. One of the things that has been showing up a lot lately is this app called ChatGPT. ChatGPT is an app that allows you to have human-like conversations and much more using a chatbot. Elon Musk has raised concerns about the artificial intelligence behind ChatGPT. In a recent interview, Elon Musk said that if regulations are put into place after “something terrible happens”, it could be too late and AI could lose control. Elon’s goal is to make “a maximum truth-seeking AI that tries to understand the nature of the universe”. He is also worried that the AI is “being trained to be politically correct…another way of saying untruthful things”. He thinks that his path is the “best path to safety”. People have raised their concerns and thoughts behind Elon’s ideas, but Elon’s AI is in the works as of right now.

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