The Sweet Sounds of Sweet Charity

Sophia Prossilis and Shannon DiCristina, Staff Writers

March 29, 2018

March 22nd through 24th Wayne Valley’s auditorium was filled with sweet sounds. The Wayne Valley theater recently performed Sweet Charity, a show following the endeavors of the optimistic Charity Hope Valentine. Charity, pl...

Student Spotlight: Kara Celi

Jeana Fermi, Staff Writer

March 28, 2018

Junior year is often considered the most stressful year of high school; balancing college admission exams, juggernauts of homework, and extracurriculars is a highly challenging task. However, junior Kara Celi manages to do it all ...

Wayne Valley’s Rally

Shruthi Krishnamurthy, Editor-in-Cheif

March 28, 2018

On February 27th, Wayne Valley students held a rally to stand against gun violence. The event was organized as a response to the attack on Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, and as a way to honor the lost st...

Upcoming Senior Events

Rohit Mistry, News and Editorials Editor

March 28, 2018

Attention all seniors: June is both a very busy but fun time. Here is some important information and dates to keep track of. First, there is a class trip to Dorney Park on June 6th. The Senior Prom will be held at the Rockleigh on June 8th...

Student Spotlight: Fallon Clark, Kiera Clark, and Morgan La Sala

Caroline McGrath, Staff Writer

March 28, 2018

The combination of three senior girls, Fallon Clark, Kiera Clark, and Morgan La Sala, has been influential to the Wayne Valley Ski Team for four consecutive years. After several successful seasons prior to the trio’s freshman ...

Holidays at WV

Journalism Students, Journalism Staff

December 22, 2017

WV celebrated the holidays with carols and cookies and fun attire!...

Teachers in the Crowd

Shreya Sekar, Staff Writer

December 7, 2017

The role of a teacher is to make sure that the future generation is well educated.To make sure that we are ready to be the greatest and most influential leaders the world has ever had. However, there are many children and tee...

Confused Sophomores

June 8, 2017

Confused Sophomores Olivia Chiarmonte, Catie McGrath, and Caroline McGrath are in the middle of Mrs. Nazarko's final Honors English project.  They cannot figure out what to do!

Decision Day

May 1, 2017

Seniors in Mrs. Nazarko's 3rd period Journalism class show their college pride by wearing their future schools!  HAPPY DECISION DAY!

A Personal Review of Poetry Out Loud

March 22, 2017

  By Michael Stile   Every year, Wayne Valley participates in Poetry Out Loud. Most kids dread having to memorize a poem, but are then surprised to learn that they won in their class. That was me. Not only did I win the cl...

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