Athlete Spotlight – Julianna Lavner

Gianna LaMorges, Featured Writer

October 29, 2020

Playing a Division 1 sport, or as many people say, “Going D1”, is a dream shared by all athletes. If you are selected to be a part of a Division 1 team, it means you were the best of the best in your area—not just a talen...

Interviews with Senior Athletes!

Neil Kiame, Sports Editor

June 17, 2020

Wayne Valley Senior Athletes Interviews With the coronavirus pandemic halting the lives of the entirety of the world, the high school athletic playing fields, normally accustomed to the vigor of competition, remain empty. The opp...

Featured Artist: Brianne Fontes

Brianne Fontes, Photography Editor

June 5, 2020

Brianne Fontes is the photography editor of Smoke Signals. While we have been stuck at home, she worked on her art. ...