The Struggles of Having Seventh Period Lunch

Sophie Aksoy, Staff Writer

With the new school year starting, students must get back into their busy schedules.  This includes getting used to new lunch times that you may not be used to from years past. Seventh period lunch, specifically, is by many students’ opinions the hardest to adapt to.

Sophomore Alli Markowski explains her thoughts on period seven lunch as, “really annoying because I’m hungry during all my classes and it distracts me because I always think about food.” Another student, Kayla Zisa (Jr.) also states, “I’ve had seventh period lunch for the past two years. It’s hard to go six periods without eating.”

Although twelve o’clock is an ideal time to eat lunch, many students do not eat breakfast because they do not have an appetite at 6:00 AM.  Also, seventh period is around six hours after students wake up, which is a large gap for students to eat meals. In fact, there are a handful of students in seventh period lunch that drink Red Bull with their food.  This could suggest that they need an energy boost because they either feel tired or hungry by the time lunch comes.  Most students will say that they believe sixth period lunch is the most ideal time to eat.  English teacher Mrs. Nazarko agrees that this is a perfect time for a lunch break.

When asking Ms. Olson if any students had requested having an earlier lunch, she replied, “yes, about five kids this year.” She also noted that when she worked at a middle school, there were many students who wanted to be put in an early lunch.

Mrs. Deutsch, one of the school nurses, also said that they will make accommodations if a student has a health issue regarding the time they eat lunch.

All in all, if you have seventh period lunch and you’re struggling to get through the first six periods of the day,  you’re not alone.