​Another Year of the Demolition Derby

Brendalys Medina, Staff Writer

Vroom! You start your engine. Bang! You hear the gunshot and shoot forward with your car!  Then you are t-boned and the crowd roars. That’s what you’ll get in the demolition derby. The Wayne auto students are working diligently for another traditional derby event

Believe it or not, a demolition derby has rules. You might think – what’s kind of rules can you have when all the cars are crashing into one another! Well, these rules are very specific and are meant for safety and equality. It would be grossly unfair for a monster truck to go up against a Honda Civic!  That is not how this game goes!

So for these rules, students have to modify the car for the hit and impacts it will take. This year’s chosen vehicle is a 1998 Buick Century with a 3.1 v6 engine.  So far, its transmission was removed and rebuilt. They still need to upgrade the suspension and strengthen the frame and bumpers. The glass and interior needs to be stripped for safety reasons. Also the gas tank needs to be moved inside the car to the back seat while the battery goes in the front seat. After all that is done, the students get to decorate the car. The car is still a work in progress but the students are enjoying the work! They love doing it!

This event will take place this summer at the Sussex County fairgrounds during the Sussex County Fair. All of the auto students are encouraged to participate!  If you would like to attend this event and support our students, press the button below for the Nationwide Demolition Derby website to check the times and locations.