Junior Formal: A Dance to Remember

March 28, 2023


It has finally arrived after months of preparing, booking appointments, spray tans, dresses, and more… The class of 2023’s junior formal occurred on March 23, 2023 at the Brownstone in Paterson NJ with four hours of dancing, singing, laughing. Boys’ suits were drenched in sweat by the night with drops falling to the floor from their hair. Girls’ attempting to preserve their makeup that took hours to do. It was a night to remember for the rest of high school.

The Brownstone parking lots began to fill as early as 5:30 pm as student cars filled with buddies prepared to make some brand-new memories. Five hours prior the juniors were permitted to leave school at 12:15 after the fourth block to start the getting process. Nails were painted, hair was curled, lips glossed, and ties tied. A new sight from seeing peers go from sweatpants to tight short dresses. Gasps filled the air trying to figure out who was who. And most importantly; who was with who!

At the actual event, students filed waiting in line for Mr. Wilke, shockingly in a suit and tie, and Mrs. Quintevela to check them off the list. Tables were packed and everyone was seated. Mumbles surround the room. Once seated, the MC got on the microphone and began to introduce the event. Perfect by Ed Sheeran was the first song played, but that brought no one out on the dance floor. Quickly, though, the dance floor was packed once the “Cupid Shuffle” came over the speakers. Up until dinner time, it was impossible to walk across the floor without getting roped into dancing with buddies. It was also impossible to move without some sweat from a boy rubbing off on that nice new outfit. The night lasted with over three hours of chandelier-shaking dance moves by some Valley students.

The night ended and navy shirts with that date and “Wayne Valley Junior Formal” were handed out. Within minutes the Paterson streets were filled with teens driving home after an unforgettable night. Windows down, playing music, recalling all things that went on in the, what seemed so short, time span. It can be a consensus that the 2023 Junior formal was a success. Now the countdown to Senior prom begins!

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