Senior Fashion Show 2023

Every year, Wayne Valley hosts a senior fashion show to fundraise for Project Graduation. This year’s fashion show was in honor of the class of 2023 and was held at The Grove in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. Students were dropped off at the school where Wayne Valley provided transportation to the event. Upon arrival, students were offered a variety of food and beverages while parents, family and friends gathered in the seating area. Students then were escorted to the fitting rooms where they got dressed and awaited the show’s start! Students were given the choice to walk the runway with a date or with up to three friends. One by one, dates and friends made their way down the staircase to the runway. Photographers were there to capture every moment! In an attempt to raise as much money as possible, and to keep parents occupied, a Tricky Tray was held! There were so many great prizes and parents had a great time participating in the raffle. Among the prizes were a fully-paid trip to Barbados, a hot tub, Tiffany jewelry, Gucci wallets, Michael Kors bags, a Macbook, and sooo much more. As you could imagine, it was chaotic–in a good way! Everyone had a great time. As seniors watched their friends walk, more snacks and beverages were provided in the lounges. Wayne Valley provided seniors with senior T-shirts and as a class seniors walked the runway and took a class picture.