Take This Class: Foods

January 4, 2023

Take This Class: Foods

While Wayne Valley has an impressive variety of classes to choose from, their foods class is particularly compulsive. The seating leaves you at a table with friends and good opportunities to make a few new ones. It’s organized to keep things fun but also educational. Whether it’s baking, cooking, or even just watching a video on the projector, it’s always a perfect place to start your day. Phones are allowed, laughs are allowed, and culinary mistakes are more than okay. In any process, road bumps are inevitable, but that’s exactly what this class is for. It also doesn’t hurt that we get to eat all the food we make, in fact it’s something the students look forward to. But now, let’s emphasize on the teachers who are nothing less than understanding. The teachers are always there to help you along the way and take on any obstacle you have ahead of you. They keep things light and airy in the classroom, and yes that sounds like a culinary term however, it’s utterly true. See! We use the things we learn in class everyday and that’s something to keep note of. You have the chance to experiment with ingredients and recipes that paint into a much bigger picture. After high school, I’m almost certain that most of us will be living independently. Whether it’s with friends, alone, or even with your family, there will always be those nights where you’re going to have to cook for yourself. What’s a better way to prepare for this other than Wayne Valley’s food class? The answer is, there isn’t one. If you’re looking for a fun elective, supportive teachers, and food that’ll make your tastebuds jump, this class is ultimately for you.

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