Student Spotlight: Aylin Baycora

October 18, 2022


Senior, Aylin Baycora, is not only an Honors student, but an excellent baker. She created an Instagram account to celebrate her love and passion for baking. She is in a multitude of different clubs such as HOSA, Co VP of Peer Leaders, and is a senior member of NHS. She created her baking account because ever since she was a kid, baking was one of her passions. “My mom always made home cooked meals and desserts versus getting pre-made stuff from the stores. Some of my relatives and friends always said that it is something everyone should know how to do and it wasn’t anything special, but I always consider baking as an art. I made this account last winter because social media has so many opportunities with things like this and I just wanted to share my creations with others.” Aylin feels closer to her mom while baking as her mom taught her everything. “She was like my mentor for the longest time, and now as I learn new techniques from food blogs I get to teach her these things.” Aylin’s favorite things to bake are birthday cakes and macarons.

Aside from baking, Aylin likes to draw as it is a relaxing hobby of hers. She strongly believes that you can turn art into anything you want it to be. Aylin also loves reading, spending time with friends and family (obviously), and trying new places to eat to increase inspiration. She plans on majoring in nutrition because of the flexibility of options she has. “I always wanted to be a doctor but never wanted to major in something general like Biology. This would allow me to go onto medical school if I choose to, become a nutritionist, or even go into culinary school to turn baking into my career.” When asked what her favorite high school memory was, she replied, “Probably the first day of school last year, because being virtual was hard on everyone and it felt nice to be back again even if things weren’t completely normal.” 


Her instagram handle is @littlebaykitchen and inspired by her being the youngest Baycora kid.


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