Is Baseball No Longer America’s Pastime?

Evan Rivelli, Journalism Writer

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“Baseball is a dying sport. Baseball isn’t exciting. Baseball is too long. Baseball has no real athletes.” These are just some of the things people would say to criticize the sport when trying to prove that baseball is not a good sport. That’s sad that people do not give baseball the respect it deserves anymore and the same people call football “America’s Pastime.” They are all wrong. Baseball is still considered “America’s Pastime” and it always will be.

    Imagine you are watching a baseball game, the score is 6-4, your favorite team is losing and have the second longest world series drought in baseball history. The leading team has not won the World Series in 108 years. It is the bottom of the 8th inning and that team you love is up to bat. Not to mention it is also Game 7 of the World Series. There is a runner on second with 2 outs, meaning the tying run is at the plate. The man at the plate is a player that many fans love, but he is not a star. A 2-2 pitch is delivered and he crushes the ball to deep left field and it soars over the fence for a two run home run tying the game at 6. They are back in the game and have a chance to win a World Series for the 1st time of your life. How great would that be if that could happen. But many would argue that this situation is too exciting to happen in baseball. However, that did happen in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series. In this game, an Indians player hit the game tying home run in the 8th keeping them alive in the game and giving them a chance to win. The Indians did wind up losing the game and the Cubs won their first World Series in 108 years. This game was the most viewed game in baseball since 2004, averaging just over 40 million viewers throughout the game, according to the ratings posted on Wikipedia. And people say no one watches baseball.

    Football and Basketball may have more viewers, but baseball has the most die hard fans. For baseball, you are either a die hard fan or barely a fan at all. A study, which was performed by Statista, shows that 15% of people follow baseball “very closely” while only 10% of people follow basketball the same. Although baseball is less popular than football and basketball, the MLB is still doing extremely well and is far from losing money. Many believe that die hard fans could be the only fans that really matter. Some stadiums will not be filled at baseball games but the ones who show up are the die hard fans, and there are still a high amount of fans at each game.

    Baseball is much different from football and basketball in the form of prospects. Hockey is similar to it in this sense. But in America, hockey is the least popular of the big 4 sports. This is what makes baseball great for any fan, whether their team in bad or good. Prospects are the younger players who are in the minor leagues and have not made the major leagues yet. Football only has a practice squad, but good players rarely ever come out of that. Basketball has the G-League but just like football stars don’t come from there. Baseball has a Top 100 prospects list on and a Top 10 prospects per position list along with Top 30 prospects per team. These lists and the players on the list are always exciting to follow because it is the best look one can have at a certain teams future. The future looks extremely bright for some non-playoff teams and gives hope to fans of these teams, including myself. My point here is that no matter who you are a fan off there is always something to look for. In basketball there is not always the same hope because many of the same teams win the NBA finals and in football, many of the players drafted turn out not changing the team at all. Baseball has excitement at every aspect of the game.

Baseball will always be America’s Pastime. No matter what, it was loved by all in the past. Therefore no sport can ever take over the spot of “America’s Pastime.” Baseball is still loved and always will be loved by many. Image result for mlb baseball

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Is Baseball No Longer America’s Pastime?