Coach Carcich celebrates his winning season

Michelle Germinario, Journalism Writer

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¨It’s not all about winning, it’s about enjoying the game¨ quoted Coach Carcich. He has been coaching volleyball  for about 24 years. He loves the sport and always has since he was in highschool.

When Carcich was in high school, there was no volleyball team to offer at his school. Therefore, he went to play on a club team in a different town. Shortly after high school, Carcich started to coach the sport. He knew ever since the beginning of high school that he loved the sport and wanted to stay connected with volleyball during his lifetime. Carcich loves kids and came to the conclusion that he wanted to do something involving both the sport and children as a career.

Carcich finds joy in creating a team, having them work together, and seeing which goals they accomplish in a season’s time period. He loves seeing his girls succeed in their games. In fact, most people dread when the school year is coming around, however  Carcich gets excited because he knows volleyball season is right around the corner.

In order to prepare his girls for games, Carcich makes them practice for about 2-3 hours everyday. After school practices start at 2:30 on the dot. The practices start with warm ups of running laps, setting, bumping, and serving. This is followed by coach Carcich talking to the girls about team concepts for that day. Then, he has his girls practice offense and defense drills. During practices, the team members also work on their individual weaknesses and season goals. Practices are more skill practice rather than team scrimmages.

One of Carcich’s favorite parts about coaching is watching his girls take what they learned in practice and work together to bring it to the court. Aside from his team, he loves the support he gets from his family. Carcich started coaching before he even met his wife. Before they got married, she knew what she was getting herself into. Carcich’s wife is perfectly okay with him going on weekend tournaments, practices everyday, and games. “I am missing in action ⅔ of the school year for volleyball”. Carcich’s daughters both play volleyball and show him love and support with his coaching. In fact, Carcich asked them if they wanted him to stop coaching so he could be able to go to their games. However, his daughters saw how much he loves to coach this sport. They told him to keep coaching volleyball and to continue doing what he loves; and that is exactly what he did.

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Coach Carcich celebrates his winning season