Christmas and New Year Shopping Guide for Gamers

Nathaniel Simon, Staff Writer

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Happy Holidays everyone instead of a review I will be writing a little shopping guide or the get’s and get not’s. I will be listing a few games to get and not to get by console. The consoles that will be covered are Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild for the Nintendo Switch is one of the largest Zelda games in the series with its total game map being larger than Skyrim (which is also on the Switch) and that map is filled with puzzles to solve, treasure to find, monsters to slay, and a land to save.

 Super Mario Odyssey is quite a trip, whether it be jumping from rooftop to rooftop in New Donk City to taking a dip in the ocean. Mario Odyssey never ceases to please and with it’s simple, yet fun game play Mario remains a mainstay in the hearts of gamers everywhere.


If your into a more multiplayer experience on the Switch consider the game Arms, it’s about boxing but with a twist. Unlike Wii Sports before it, Arm’s is less of a tech demo and more of an actual game,  where you are trying to knockout your opponent with your extending boxing glove arms. Arms is quite a popular game with it’s colorful graphics and cast of characters, making it fun for the whole family.


The next couple of games will be for the PS4 (and some also for PC). Enter the Gungeon for the PS4 and PC, is a fast paced twin-stick shooter locked and loaded with puns, intense action, and challenging yet fair, boss battles. On top of this is the sheer variety of items and weapons that each character can use, for example there’s a gun that shoots fish from a barrel and a shotgun shell that shoots out mini shotguns that then when they hit a wall shoot bullets. This game is light-hearted,

completely ridiculous, and absolutely fun. It also has a co-op mode for two players which is just as fast paced as playing alone if not more.

If you’re in the market for a more mature gaming experience on the PS4 or PC than The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is the game for you! In the Witcher 3 you play as Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher (someone who hunt’s monsters)who is looking for his daughter who has gone missing a few years ago. That’s all I will spoil in terms of the story because this game is extremely fun, although the combat can get a little repetitive at times. But be warned the story is good but it is very very long, taking a minimum of 50 hours. So you better be in it for the long haul for this one. But that’s not a bad thing at all as the game’s pacing is good. The game also has 2 expansions that came out over the years and it had a Game Of The Year Edition, GOTY for short, that has them pre packaged with it, so if you can buy that.

If you want to challenge yourself then consider the game Bloodborne , it is made by the insane asylum patients behind Dark Souls. Bloodborne is very hard, and you will die in this game, a lot, which is okay as the game barely punishes you for dying, as it sometimes is the only way to learn, the game also doesn’t have much of a story and can be completed relatively quickly for an RPG. Bloodborne definitely deserves a look if you’re in for a challenge.

Finally for those of you with a PC gamer in your life. Do you like strategy? History? Well Sid Meier’s Civilization VI just might be the one for you. Civ 6 is by no means a perfect game, but it is getting an expansion soon which promises to fix many of the issues it has at the moment. But I digress, in Civilization 6 you are taking a Civilization from history and guiding them through the different eras of civilization. From discovering the wheel to inventing nuclear fission, Civ 6 has it all. Civ is generally called the entryway strategy game for a reason, it is not super complex but it also has a good bit of depth, think Stratego vs Risk the game is a lot of fun by yourself or with others, although playing by yourself can get boring as the AI is very predictable at times. Although it has its flaws Civ 6 is a very respectable game so why not take one more turn with Sid Meier’s Civilization VI.

Another game is Cuphead, who is a run and gun shooter in the vein of Megaman, and like Megaman before it it has tons of unique bosses to fight, and is also, really hard, but not in a bad way as it isn’t a “so hard it’s unplayable” hard but a “if you die it is your fault” kinda hard as each boss has a pattern to learn and therefore can be beaten through trial and error. It also has a great art style. The game is hand drawn in a “rubber hose” animation style (think Steam Boat Willy) and the music is jazzy enough to fit the time period. But I digress Cuphead is one of the best games on PC at the moment and it is also for the PS4 and Xbox.

For those of you interested in great stories try Divinity Original Sin 2. It was voted by many as one of the greatest RPGs of all time (that title changes a lot) in this game you can forge your own path through the story, with multiple endings, hundred’s of quests, and on top of that detailed character creation, all of which culminates into a grand adventure of epic proportions. It’s combat is very similar to the original Fallouts and is written by the man behind them, so all in all a very impressive game. It also is completely playable in multiplayer.



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Christmas and New Year Shopping Guide for Gamers