National Honors Society Induction

Sam Halpern, Specialty Features Editor

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This past October, the new batch of National Honors Society students from the Junior and Senior class were accepted to the Wayne Valley chapter of the nationwide club. For those that don’t know, National Honors Society (NHS), is a club that is known for their academic achievements and also for their dedication to giving back to the community. They emphasize four main characteristics for their members to strive to have, including leadership, service, scholarship, and character.

This year, the Junior class had one of the highest number of eligible candidates. The main eligibility test is the candidates must maintain a 3.5 GPA or higher. If they achieve this GPA, they will have the opportunity to apply. The application involves some questions that test your character, a space to fill in your service activities that you have completed so far, and space for a letter of recommendation. The induction took place on October 18th and many students were inducted into the club. Most of these students are from the Junior class, though several are from the Senior class. The inductees are now adjusting to being in NHS and are getting ready for their big trip to Boston in May!

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National Honors Society Induction