The Wayne Board of Education Elections

Julia Beilis

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On November 7, 2017, Wayne held the elections for the three open seats for the Board of Education. Those who won the election would serve three year terms. The candidates who ran include, Donald Pavlak, Catherine Kazan, Sean Duffy, Seth Rosen, Daniel Corcoran and Christian Smith. Among these candidates, Pavlak, Kazan, and Smith are incumbents.

Pavlak and Kazan were re-elected to the Board of Education. Meanwhile, Duffy won the other board seat, replacing Smith.

Pavlak is the current president of the Board of Education. He is a strong supporter of the k-wrap program implemented in Wayne schools, but he is on the fence about full-day kindergarten. Although he wishes it was implemented, it is too expensive. If this program is enforced, major budget cuts will be inevitable. The art programs will experience drastic cuts. The loss of music rooms on the elementary level will create the “music on the cart” program once again. Also, Pavlak believes that full-day kindergarten is logistically difficult. In other words, the elementary schools do not have enough room for the full-day program. Although full-day kindergarten is a great program, the repercussions are too severe.

Furthermore, Kazan is a trustee on the Board of Education. She hopes to create state of the art facilities that will improve the STEAM program in the school system. Kazan also wants to improve the security within the schools.

Moreover, Duffy is a newcomer to the Board of Education. He holds a strong stance on full-day kindergarten. He hopes to implement it in the Wayne school system. Duffy wants Wayne’s state aid to increase so the school system gets its “fair share.” He believes that if Wayne gets their “fair share,” full-day kindergarten will be obtainable for the district.

Although their views differ on certain topics, their main goal is to work together to provide the best education to the students of Wayne.



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The Wayne Board of Education Elections