New Year’s Resolutions

Grace Przybylinski, Staff Writer

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While many people set resolutions for the new year, most of them do not accomplish their goals. The University of Scranton researched new year’s resolutions, concluding that only 8% of Americans achieve their expectations. Students at Wayne Valley also strive to accomplish numerous goals, and I asked several students about their past and current goals and whether or not they achieved them.

Many students often plan to maintain good grades or better their organization. Sophomores Sabrina Shah and Gianna DiTucci have similar goals they hope to reach in 2018. They both plan to stay on top of their work by not procrastinating. “My new year’s resolution,” said Gianna, “is to not procrastinate and do my work more efficiently.” She then added that her goals in years prior were not met, but this year she hopes to change and be more proactive.

Setting realistic goals is crucial in accomplishing our aspirations for upcoming years. Although people are often driven to improve both themselves and their lifestyles, they frequently fail to accomplish their goals. Their new year’s resolutions may be unrealistic. Also, creating a time frame to be at a certain point during the journey to reaching a goal is very important. Both Sabrina and Gianna, as well as many other Wayne Valley students, are motivated to continue to work hard in school, and a time frame to ensure that they are improving could be either the end of a month or the end of a marking period.

Tips for setting new year’s resolutions:

  1. Be realistic
  2. Set a time frame
  3. Be motivated
  4. Ask for support from others
  5. Start small

Whether we want to improve ourselves, maintain good grades, or quit bad habits, it is always a smart idea to strive for a positive start to the new year. Have a Happy New Year! Let’s make 2018 a great one!


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New Year’s Resolutions