Quiz Bowl Returns

Daniel Bernstein

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As the school year goes into full swing, the WV Quiz Bowl Team prepares itself for another successful season of competition. Quiz Bowl is a trivia game played against other high school teams spanning countless subjects and played across multiple formats, ensuring a unique and engaging experience at every game and an opportunity for students of all interests to participate.

Any student interested in a fun extracurricular activity with a focus on teamwork and friendly competition should consider joining the WV Quiz Bowl Team. The atmosphere of the team is always warm and inviting. Returning senior Paul Vichiconti called Quiz Bowl “one of the best High School experiences I’ve gone through. I definitely made friends for life in that club.” Other returning seniors of the club this year include Rohan Jayanth, Cat Olson, and Teo Akil. With its broad range of subjects, including STEM, humanities, and sports categories, there is something in Quiz Bowl for everyone.

WV Quiz Bowl is played mainly in 2 formats: Quiznet and the BRITE competition in Bridgewater. Quiznet is played online against teams nationwide. The questions are “toss-ups”, meaning any team can answer, and the first team to get the question right earns extra points. This gives the game a sense of urgency which makes it more enjoyable. The BRITE competition in Bridgewater, however, which usually begins in early February/late January, is the highlight of the Quiz Bowl Season: students play against other high schools in Bridgewater, NJ, in a game with similar rules to “Jeopardy” (with some key differences that make the strategy radically different but just as interesting). Last year, one of the two WV Quiz Bowl teams for the Bridgewater competition made it to the quarterfinals, where they lost to Wayne Hills. This year, WV Quiz Bowl plans to go all the way to finals.

The club meets every week on Tuesday in the library. Practices are from 2:30 to 3:30 and Quiznet competitions are typically from 3:30 to 4:30 (although not every week includes a competition). Bridgewater competitions are also held on Tuesday. While it is important to attend as many practices as possible, the attendance policy is not rigid and students who can not make every practice or competition are still welcome as members. Join WV Quiz Bowl today!


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Quiz Bowl Returns