Halloween in school?

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Halloween in school changes as you grow up. It goes from class parties and nature walks to staying home and stealing your siblings candy the next day. But no matter what you do Halloween ends up being one of those holidays everyone enjoys.

When students at Wayne Valley were asked about this change one student stated, “When I was younger Halloween was more about the candy but now it’s just hanging out with my friends, the candy is just a bonus. I guess you can say the meaning changed.”  

Over the years Halloween has developed into the holiday it is today. Costumes have developed, rules have gotten stricter, more types of candy have been made. Things have also changed in schools. New rules with costumes have been issued and candy is no longer allowed. Aside from these changes kids still come to school and enjoy the day.   

The Vice principal at Wayne Valley High School  was asked the same question yet only thing he has noticed is the sophistication level of costumes. He also stated that he enjoys the idea of “celebrating” Halloween in school. He believes it is a fun way to break up the daily routine and kids get to be creative with their costumes.

Halloween is the day that the students and teachers have fun. Whether it’s a Halloween related project, awards for the best costume linked with the lesson they have been learning or looking forward to the night portion of the day. Teachers and students both enjoy the aspect of Halloween.

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Halloween in school?