Environmental Issues

Hannah Valente and Olivia Chiaramonte, Staff Writers

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Contrary to popular belief, global warming is not a hoax, joke, or scam. The ozone layer, a layer in the Earth’s stratosphere, is depleting at an alarming rate. The weakened ozone layers allows for more UVB radiation and less protection against the sun’s rays. Excessive UVB radiation can lead to skin cancer, melanoma tumors, and cause damage to eyesight. The effects of global warming are even more detrimental to the planet. Glaciers have shrunk immensely. Environmental enthusiast and TV Production teacher Mr. Randall says, “Climate change is real, you can’t deny science. We have to stop burning fossil fuels and go for alternative energy. They’re crazy. Don’t bury your head in the sand or you’re going to drown in the sea.”


Pollution is also a serious problem that is threatening the Earth’s natural beauty and health more and more everyday. Pollution of the air, land and water can cause great harm to both the planet and the organisms that populate it. Car emissions, factory chemical emissions and smog are some of the biggest pollutants that infest our air. Every organism that needs to breath in order to survive is essentially consuming unclean and unhealthy air. Oil spills, trash or garbage, human sewage and fertilizers are just some of the harmful substances that our freshwater bodies contain. Nothing on Earth can survive without water. Water is the biggest key to life. What will happen if all water is contaminated by human garbage? The outdoors needs to be better taken care of because both humans and animals can not live in conditions of extreme pollution.


The environment without animals would be like a town without people—empty and purposeless. Animals are one of the most important resources that inhabit the Earth and are more essential to life then most people realize. Humans use them as a source of energy, income, food, clothes and companionship. Even though animals are such a crucial part to life, nothing is being done to protect them. Coral reefs are dying due to pollutants from coal mining. Various species of animals have become endangered or extinct due to over exploitation and poaching. Animals are being harmed and mutated in experimentation to test beauty products, food and pharmaceutical drugs. Their ecosystems are being destroyed to build extravagant shopping malls, close knit neighborhoods and extensive parking lots. Not properly caring for animals in the long run will tremendously hurt the human population. The food chain must stay balanced, and the population of animals must become more important. The homes of all animals must stay clean as well, and start becoming human free.


People refuse to realize that the Earth is in trouble. Soon, there will be no time to fix the problems so many people have turned a blind eye to for so long. Nature and the environment is not something that should be taken for granted.  There is only one planet in which all humans can live upon and we must all listen to our planet’s warning signs, and begin to use clean energy, rather than depending on toxic fossil fuels. Our greatest goal as a society should be conserving the wildlife and beautiful landscapes that surround us, become more knowledgeable, and passionate about the environment. We only have one planet, one home, one chance at survival. Let’s be educated!

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Environmental Issues