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Mrs. Bardi, Library Media Specialist

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A room to visit, a place to study, and a warm atmosphere are phrases that describe our Media Center. For the last few years, Wayne Valley Media Center has been undergoing several renovations in stages. Replacing the carpet was first. Next, new tables, chairs, and cushioned sofas and chairs were installed to enhance our studying pleasure. High tables and chairs gave a new look to the facility. It is now almost complete.

Returning to school this past fall brought more changes to the Media Center. The 6 foot stacks were replaced with lower stacks that made the room look much larger. Books that have been displayed on these stacks were positioned by student volunteers. Dewey Word Cloud posters will point you to the area you need.

Community service is evident by the many students that have been assisting in the Media Center. The students come together every lunch period every day to learn about the many tasks that must be completed in order to develop better records in Destiny, decorate the glass cabinets, add new books to our Pinterest page, and other projects that will entice students to visit. Student volunteers have been creating virtual tours that will take you through the facility. Look for the finished product on the Media Center webpage.

Students have taken an interest in developing a Makerspace in our Media Center. They have been utilizing the mood coloring books, assembling robots, and learning to code using Arduinos. I’m always looking for other ideas that could be implemented by students. Stop by the Media Center to participate in these wonderful activities.

Recently, new pictures have adorned our walls to beautify the space. If you have a talent that you would like displayed in the Media Center, please stop by and discuss your invention with me.

Our technology includes Nooks that may be checked out as well as online eBooks through Axis 360 that may be read on your smartphone. Please visit to learn how to access these materials.

When you have a chance, please visit and enjoy the Media Center.

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Media Center News