Chorus Classes

Jordan Falcon, Staff Writer

March 23

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The performing arts are a crucial aspect to the positive environment of Wayne Valley. Chorus and Chamber Choir are fun but disciplined classes, where students get to learn about the basics of music through singing. Lead by Ms. Ru...

Most Anticipated Movies of 2017

March 23

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By Aidan Halligan Before I start, I would just like to say that this list will be absent of a lot of original titles, but that is because this year is riddled with superhero films, remakes, sequels and reboots. As much as I enjoy...

Spring into Fashion

Maria Ivakhiv

March 21

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Spring is just around the corner, and until it warms up, we are stuck with this unpredictable weather from day to day. However, even without the craziness of the weather, you can still manage to look hot! Here are a few of the...

New and Upcoming Netflix Shows

Abby Elkin, Junior Editor

March 16

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Are you obsessed with binge-watching your favorite shows and movies like millions of other Netflix-users? Then the following list will be extremely beneficial to you! These are the upcoming or new shows and movies that have been...

The Transition from High School to College

Jake Andreas, Journalism Student

January 9

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College is a big step in the lives of most people. It could be considered the first step of the transition from childhood to adulthood, which can be quite frightening. Since students are so sheltered during their high school careers,...